Lost 5G connectivity since new FW update

Hi All

Recently purchashed RUTx50

Worked really well whilst i was bench testing it using the supplied antennas

Prior to installiing, i updated the FW to a new version and installed in in to the vehicle im using it in with a Poynting MIMO-3-V2-15

No 5G, even in known 5G strong areas

At the bench, my iphone pro 14 max is showing full signal 5G and my S22 Plus is shwoing -70dbm 5g (all same provider)

Disconnected it and brought it back to the Bench with the supplied antennas and no connection to 5G

Switched out Sim Cards with my phone (same provider) and still the same

Modem is showing -54dBm for EE 4G+ (LTE-A); VoLTE

Internal Mode FW version is : RG501QEUAAR12A08M4G_04.200.04.200

Simplistically to get started, i’m sure someone more knowledgeable will help at some point.

By default, an idle connection will switch down from 5G to even as low as just 4g (slower than 4G+). When a demand for data download presents itself, the router will request a 5G connection but then afterwards revert down.

Is this happening? Whilst monitoring your connection try downloading something of size such as a Linux distro 5GB’ish+ in size or Adobe reader, LibreOffice 250Mb’ish. Does the router then change from a 4G+ to a 5G service?

What bands and bandwidths are being offered to the router. Status > Network > Mobile?

Where in the world are you?

Have you updated both firmwares or just the modem?

Hi Akwe

I reset the router and it is now working in the way you decribe

The other oddity is that im getting 5G speeds on 4G+ whereas on 5G, im getting lower speeds

S22 on 5G is getting around 219Mbps down and 24 up

RUT X50 on 5G is getting 126 down and 48 up
RUT X50 on 4G+ is getting 198 down and 36 up

Im not sure but is there a chance it chooses the connection based on best bandwidth ?

Im getting:

Name LTE B1
Bandwidth 15Mhz
Phyical Cell ID 195
RSRP -91
Name LTE B3
Bandwidth 20
Phyical Cell ID 112
RSRP -82
Name LTE B3
Bandwidth 20
Phyical Cell ID 112
RSRP -85

Im in the UK on the south coast

Under FW Available on server System>Update FW

Firmware Version - Newest version installed on device
Internal Modem - No update available

Ban band B1, i think it’s band B1 that’s holding you back. Careful, don’t ban ALL bands except 5G bands.

I’ve banned any LTE bands that give a bandwidth of less than 20Mhz but only when they become a problem.

It is possible to have a better download speed on 4G than 5G when the mast you’re connected to becomes congested, too busy. Everybody wants a faster 5G connection, but 4G can be faster if fewer people are connected to a 4G service on the same mast.

When your current SIM contract expires, have a look at pre-paid EE business SIMs at scancom.co.uk. So ok you pay a lot upfront, but it’s very good value when you break it down, £11 to £15 month.

A business SIM gives you a prioritised service, you get 5G more often and a bigger bite of the bandwidth when the mast is congested.

Just had another thought…

Your mobile rather than static, so when the vehicle moves it will change the mast it’s connected to on a regular basis, and therefore it’ll be offered different bands at different bandwidths as you travel. So banning bands may not be a good idea!?

On the move your connection will change frequently and so will your download speed, you won’t always get a 5G mast, you may deny yourself a connection when banning a band.

On the move, i would accept that your connection will continuously change, sometimes it will be lightningly fast, moments later a connection may not even be possible at all… Normal!?

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