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Hello, I use a RUTX11 (RUTX_R_00.07.06.6) as a stationary router at home. I have difficult reception conditions, but my old TP-Link router delivered a satisfactory reception quality. To improve this with cell locking, I bought the RUTX11. However, the router briefly loses reception several times a minute, which leads to dropouts with VOIP. Is it possible to influence (possibly via SSH) the frequency of reception changes or reconnections?
The antenna setting is unchanged.
Any Tipps?


Currently, there are many unknown factors that need further examination regarding this issue.

Could you please provide screenshots of the Status → Network → Mobile page?

Additionally, could you clarify what difficulties you are experiencing with reception? Is it interference, router location, or something else?

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I have now updated to V…06.8 and it could be that there are fewer errors.
Attached you will find some sample reception data. The pictures were taken within a few minutes. It is noticeable that the SINR fluctuates between “no signal” and “good”. I suspect that every time the bands are switched there are small dropouts that are audible with VOIP.

There is no change in antenna positoion…


Firstly, I would recommend updating the firmware to the newest version. Version 06.08 was removed due to arisen issues. Please update the firmware, and if the issue still persists, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

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