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Before buy this modem a never get this trouble, I like so much the RUTX50 but I can’t do some thing after i buy this modem and I like to say if I have to do something in firewall setting for allow this connection, I text this topic because I tried many time with some firewall option without good result.


I have a raspberry PI that have a local http access via ip on port 1880 with rutx50 I can’t be allowed to connect via browser


I have many IPcamera connected do you know if I need to open some port for watch the ipcamera in nvr recorder? Because I see just two camera of six but is not possible to connect also to the camere that I can see



The default firewall configuration of the RUTX50 allows all LAN communication, thus no additional rules are needed for two devices to reach each other in LAN. This applies for both issues you’re facing.
Perhaps you are trying to access these devices from WAN or another zone in the firewall?
Could you try pinging the Raspberry Pi and the cameras from your PC and check if they respond?

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If I ping the device I see it

Some device is connected by Wi-Fi and some by ethernet and all device is connected to the router.

I told you this, I buy an NVR for control all the ip camera, with Teltonika I see the device connected to the NVR but if set the password for setup the camera doesn’t be connected, with other router like Fastweb everything works without problem


Most IP cameras use a static IP address by default. Make sure your cameras are either set to DHCP, or a static IP in the LAN range of the RUTX50.
Secondly, could you clarify if the cameras are not reachable from any device, or just the Raspberry Pi? Is the firewall configuration of the RUTX50 standard or were any settings adjusted for your use case?

The issue only appears when the password is changed on the cameras, or are they not reachable even with the default configuration?
If I understand correct, you cannot reach the IP camera directly, and neither can the NVR, correct?
Perhaps a model of the NVR and the camera could be provided?

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Camera is reacheable by remote with the APP, so is connected to the network i have some issue to connect the camera with the NVR in local network. The NVR see the camera with the IP assigned by DHCP but when i set password on NVR the NVR told me camera is not connected even if is online with the APP.

I tried with Teltonika RUT950 and everything work good, i tried to set the same setting on RUTX50 today i try other time then if not work i try to do a factory reset on RUTX50 because it is so strange that doesn’t work.


Perform a factory reset and everything for now works good

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