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Hi Teltonika team, how to check connection quality including ping, packet drop/loss?


Different commands and tools can be used to analyze your connection quality, like ping, traceroute, etc.

Ping is a simple command tests whether you can reach a specific host. For example, pinging Google’s DNS servers at ‘’ will confirm your internet connectivity. If any pings fail, that indicates packet loss. Ping can be executed via the Command line (instructions here) or through the WebUI at System → Administration → Troubleshoot → Diagnostics. Here’s the basic command for ping:

  • ping

Another command that you can use is traceroute. This command shows the route your packets take to reach a given destination. If some devices in the route do not respond, those hops will be marked with asterisks (*).

  • traceroute

You can also download and install additional packages if you need to. For example, ‘mtr’ and ‘tcpdump’. The first combines the functionalities of ping and traceroute, offering an enhanced overview of your connection path and packet loss.

  • opkg update
  • opkg install mtr
  • mtr
  • mtr -h (to see available options)

The latter, TCPDump, can be used to capture packets for deeper analysis.

  • opkg update
  • opkg install tcpdump

To run tcpdump on your LAN (br-lan) interface, use:

  • tcpdump

You may want to filter traffic. Thus, similarly to other commands, you can use ‘-h’ to see available options for the command or capture all traffic to a pcap file that can be opened with Wireshark afterwards:

  • tcpdump -h
  • tcpdump -w /tmp/test.pcap

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