Limiting RF power on RUT241

I’m hoping to get a RUT241 router EASA certified as a personal electronic device (PED), with WIFI and LTE functionality enabled.
This would require limiting the RF emissions to <100mW / 20dBm (including antenna gain).
I would be fine with using an attenuator before the antenna for WIFI and LTE.

Is there a software-way to limit the emitted RF power?
Is there a way to disable GMS in the modem?
… or some other suitable product?


It could be possible to limit the WiFi power output by selecting a country with more restrictive laws. However, for the mobile connection there are currently no software options to limit the transmit power levels. It should be noted, that using attenuators would also lower the receive sensitivity for WiFi and LTE.

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Hi - selecting a specific country would also limit available frequencies and might then not work in other countries any more.

I’m aware that the receive sensitivity would also be lowered. For short range and WIFI, this is acceptable in my application. Limiting LTE by 6dB might also still be ok.
Limiting all mobile antennas by 17dB to reach GSM 20dBm is likely too much - any option to disable GSM would be appreciated.


Apologies for a late response.
The easiest way to completely disable the modem would be to power it down. To achieve this you’d need to disable the modem tracking service running on the device with the following command:

mctl -w

Otherwise the connection will be restarted automatically.
To turn off the modem, use the following command:

mctl -s

To re-enable the modem, run the following commands:

mctl -p #turn on the modem
mctl -q #start tracking the modem

Hope this helps!

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I was hoping to just disable GSM, while having LTE and UMTS still active.
Reason is that the RF power on the GSM side has a high peak output power.

In the GUI, I can set it to “just LTE”.
Looks like the command line AT commands do also not allow for other options (UMTS+LTE) Disable Frequency bands in command line - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks

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