LAN to LAN over PPTP

Greetings community,
I can’t solve my ping problem using PPTP connection, so my setup is next:

  1. I have 3 RUT200 routers, one is a server and 2 other are clients
  2. I set up DynDNS for server to get static IP
  3. I setup server and two clients like in example
    PPTP configuration examples RutOS - Teltonika Networks Wiki
    using SAME IP’s (not to miss anything).

So, PPTP connection works fine, routers can ping themselves (client-client, server to client)
but only virtual IP’s.
My problem is ofc LAN side that i cannot ping.
My setup was default, but after that I enabled all the Inter-zones forwarding, allowed ping in traffic rules from all zones to all destination zones, enabled masquerading, passed firewall traffic rules tutorial, but my ping is simply not working.
My question is can anyone help me with step to step tutorial how to set up the rules
to ping LAN to LAN side over PPTP with setup I mention up starting with default firewall, zones and port forwarding rules.
Thank you in advance!


Maybe there is a problem with, the routing table, so devices have no idea where the IP address is located, use the command “ route -n “ or “ ip ro sh “ – to discover routing information, maybe you need to add static or config dynamic routing.

PPTP – it`s not the best way to work over, obsolete and unencrypted protocols to work over public ISPs is dangerous, without securing connections, it would work better with insured Ipsec, however, I would recommend to use OpenVPN, Wireguard, IPsec + OSPF and/or BGP , DMVPN

Here you can see example:
Routing - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( for older OS.
RUT200 Routing - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

More info to configure dynamic - RUTX DMVPN - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

Kind Regards

Hi Yevhenii,
thank you for your reply.
I found out what seemed to be the problem. My routing interface was set to mobile instead of client interface.


That great ! )
So as i understand, by default traffic try to ongoing over mobile interface !?
Anyway thank for your reply !

Best Regards

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