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I have 4 different LAN configured in my RUTX50 router. One in each LAN interface. My WAN interface is mob1s1a1.
I want to have access to the internet and to the router administration and the other three LAN (, and to access internet and not access router administration(web, telnet, CLI).

what is the best way to configure this?

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The simplest solution would likely be to set up a firewall rule to block/reject traffic from these LAN networks (,, and coming to your router. If you encounter any issues configuring this, don’t hesitate to contact us. However, this process should be fairly straightforward in general.

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Thank you for your quick response.
When I create the FW rule it seems DNS requests are blocked.
Cant reach internet using a web browser.
Here is my rule:

Set Protocol to TCP.
DNS is UDP and should work then.

ok, seems to work blocking TCP.
Thank you

Yes, access to your router’s web interface is a TCP connection.
DNS requests are usually UDP traffic.
This is why it works now.
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When selecting zones keep in mind that you want to prohibit traffic from LAN to LAN in this case both zones (marked in the image below) should be set to LAN. Don’t forget to assign prohibited ports too

2024-04-29-08-14-20-LAN administration Access - Teltonika Networks - Teltonika Community — Mozilla F

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