L2TP with RUT241

HI I am having a problem with the L2TP VPN. Can anyone help? Below is what I have done.

I am using 2 RUT241 router with public IP sim cards.

RUT241-1 - Local IP ( connected via LAN(
RUT241- 2 - Local IP( PLC conneted via LAN(

I can successfully connect the VPN as show I am able to ping my RUT241-2 router when my pc is connected to RUT241-1

my problem is from my PC I cannot connect to my PLC( eventhough the VPN is establish.

Can you help and see what seems to be the problem?
Below is my IPv4 route for server side.

Below is my IPv4 route for client side

Also I actually plan to use L2TP to connect to 2 more separate networks. I am not sure if this method would work. Can you please advise?

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Based on the above query you require connectivity from PC to the PLC (Basically LAN to LAN connectivity), its not possible by standard methods. In your scenario and based on previous experience there is 2 ways.

  1. If you will only have a point to point connection (Not adding other L2TP networks) you can either enable default route in the L2TP Client (Which the PC is connected) or enable a static route from the RUT241-1 to RUT241-2.
  2. If you scale the connections in the future, the PC will be connected to the L2TP Server router and static routes have to be configured to the respective L2TP Clients.

If you dont want to configure static routes you can find other ways like dynamic routing (more complicated) or even use a VPN method that supports LAN to LAN connectivity like IPSEC or DMVPN.

Clive Pinto

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