L2TP RUTX50 Link

Good morning every body;

I want to connect 2 sites using L2TP VPN. To do it i use:

2 RUTX50 with Sim card (Public IP)
2 Switch with VLAN
2 laptop connected to the Switch.

I configure this Scenario:

Site 1: Pc>>>>>Sw1>>>>>RUTX50
PC1: IP address:
Sw1: Untagged port connected to PC1 ---- VLAN: 122
Tagged port connected to RUTX50

Site 2: Pc>>>>>Sw2>>>>>RUTX50
PC1: IP address:
Sw2: Untagged port connected to PC2 ---- VLAN: 122
Tagged port connected to RUTX50
I configure the L2TP in both RUTX and i see that the VPN is UP. But i want to test the connectivity between the 2 PC. this link will be used to connect 1 site to the main core in Layer 2 .

Thank you for your help to do this scenario.

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