Just send SMS with RUT241

I have a RUT241. I want to use it just to send SMS messages. I don’t want or need to connect to the internet through it. Basically, I just want to use it as an SMS gateway. Can I do this with the RUT241?


Hi, yes, it’s possible.

How? Is there a guide on how to set it up in this configuration?

What is your wanted use case in details?

I want to connect the RUT241 to my wifi and call it from my IIS server to send SMS messages for authentication. So when a user logs into my website, my IIS server will call the RUT241 to send a SMS message. So I just need to be able to assign the RUT241 an ip address in the 192.168.xxx.xxx range. And then I would to be able to call the RUT241 api or get/post http messages to it so it will send an SMS. I don’t need it to be a wifi access point, I don’t want it to provide DHCP services, all I need is for it to sit there and handle SMS.


Yes, it is possible to use RUT241 for only SMS functionality.

Here are a quick instructions:

  • Go to Network → WAN and press “Edit” next to the mobile interface.
  • Under “Protocol” select None and you should be done.

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I have the SMS Gateway working when the device is set to

But when I go to Network > Wireless and have it join my local network and I apply the changes it goes away and no longer responds to And when I rejoin my home network I don’t see the device on my network. On my router, the DHCP reserves for the device’s MAC but I don’t see the device anywhere on my network. This is the configuration I want where the device is getting it’s IP address from the Calix router.


The easiest option in this case would be to set a static LAN IP for the RUT241 inside the Calix router. This way, RYT241 would always receive the same IP address.

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Then how do you set the static ip address in the RUT241. Right now, it is supposed to be getting the same ip address from the Calix router, it is assigned in the DHCP server in the Calix router. Is there is a way to set the ip address for the RUT241?


Yes, you can set it up. Here’s how: Navigate to Network → WAN and click on “Edit” next to the WAN interface you want to configure. A new pop-up window should appear. Set the protocol to Static and input your desired information there.

2024-03-13-16-24-20-RUTX12 - Teltonika Networks — Mozilla Firefox

Once done, you should have a static WAN address on your RUT241.

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Thank you. I am having to leave the office for the day now but I will try this first thing tomorrow.

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