Is there a difference in the GSM modem part between RUT24x and RUT200?

We have been using RUT241 for some time, installing a few dozen, and now we are installing RUT200, and we have installed dozens of these too. We have the feeling that the RUT200 model has better sensitivity to the GSM signal. Is it plausible? Is the GSM signal reception hardware part the same between the two models, or can there be improvements with the RUT200 model?


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When it comes to mobile internet performance and signal strength there is no secret that there are a lot of factors that may have an impact.

To begin with, RUT200 can come with MeiG SLM750VE modem or with Quectel EC200A. While RUT241 can come with Quectel EC25 or with MeiG SLM750VE. All of these modems have a similar performance. In addition, both RUT200 and RUT241 in their standard packaging come with the same mobile antennas. The datasheet of the mobile antennas can be found here:

If the devices have auto band selection enabled then there is a possibility that RUT200 picked a band that has less traffic resulting in better quality and speeds. You could try to select a band manually for RUT200 and RUT241 and test if the speeds and signal quality differ. View our wiki page to learn more about band lock: Band Lock - Teltonika Networks Wiki

If RUT200 devices are closer to the telecommunication towers then they could possibly get a better mobile signal. In addition, there could be fewer obstacles between RUT200 and the towers. Which could result in better mobile signal quality and speed as well.

Another factor to consider is the SIM cards that are being used. If RUT200 devices use a different SIM card (different mobile provider). Then that different operator could provide a better mobile signal coverage in that area where RUT200 devices are put.

As a reminder, RUT200 and RUT241 have different ordering codes (you can call them versions). Each version has specific bands that it can support.

For example, RUT200 x1xxxx is for Europe, Australia, Asia-Pacific and supports one set of bands. While RUT241 x0xxxx is for Europe, The Middle East, Africa, and Thailand and supports a different kind of set of bands. When you are comparing mobile performance, please be sure that you are comparing devices that are made for the same region i.e., are the same version.

If you want to know which RUT241 version supports what kind of bands view the ordering section of the device page: RUT241 - 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Router

For RUT200 view the ordering section of this page: RUT200 - 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Router

To summarize, when you are comparing mobile performance between devices, please be sure and try to set an identical configuration, put in the same operator’s SIM card, place them in the same location, between the same obstacles, and do not forget to use devices which support the same region. If the conditions are identical then both RUT200 and RUT241 should have the same mobile performance. If you will perform any tests and see a noticeable difference, then feel free to share the findings. We would find them interesting.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

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