Is the RUTX50 a nightmare or is it just me? Terrible WAN speeds on BT on PPPoE


I live in the UK. I have a BT Router with Fibre (Approx 1000mbps). When I set it all up on the RUTX50, I get if I’m lucky 200mbps, but it’s slow even getting up to 200mbps. And the upload is abysmal.

I have played about with everything, I even wrote a shell script to auto detect the top MTU. I can tell you that nothing works.

I have performed a factory reset on the RUTX50 and started from afresh, at a great loss of time. And still - the speed through the WAN is abysmal.

Also, that’s not even all the issues I am having. I am discovering bugs left, right and centre within the WEBUI. For example, if you are using a RUTX50, head to: /network/firewall/attack_prevention and TRY to disable ‘Enable SYN flood protection’ - you will be greeted with a perpetual spinner "Waiting for configuration to be applied… " which will spin until the end of time (if you are prepared to wait that long).

I was also setting up Wireguard last night, and in the allowed IP’s if it was set to then everything would route through the tunnel nicely… But, if you change it to an IP of a device on the network, ie then ABSOLUTELY NO connection - can’t even ping out.

Other issues I am having, try heading over to the speedtest at system/maintenance/speedtest and pick virtually any server on there and run the test… You will think nothing is happening for two minutes, then the upload speed will be perfformed. So the download speed tests are broken. Server after server I clicked, before I eventually found one where the download speed managed to work (just to report I am getting 120mbps instead of 1000mbps).

There are so many more issues, especially relating to the DNS server… Meaning I am having to enter custom one’s into my devices, such as Cloudflare’s because using it on the RUTX50 isn’t passing it over to the connecting devices. Who knows.

Major issue I would love to address first is the terrible speed I’m getting through the WAN. I have been working on this non-stop for nearly two days and nights now, tearing my hair out.

Anyone having success with 1gbbp speeds via their RUTX50 using PPPoE ? And if so, how on earth you managing it? What provider are you with?

Thank you.

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