IPv6 TRB 500 Roming with manuel APN

I have the problem in Sweden, with my modem TRB500 and a Deutsche Telekom SIM card. When Cusotm APN “festip.telekom” is entered, the router can no longer log on to the network. The error message “Mobile network rejection was recently detected” appears in the Networks WAN menu.
In Web Menu Overview the state shows that 2G and 3G are connected.

At the same moment,
I have a RUT241 that logs into Telia SE with custom APN “festip.telekom” and also gets an IPv6 as expected.

The settings are the same and the firmware is 7.06.03 on both.

What am I doing wrong is anything known?


Obtaining an IPv6 address while roaming can be quite tricky, as IPv6 is not yet available across all of the European operators. Could you try specifying the APN of the home network manually and selecting the PDP type as IPv4?
Additionally, it seems like internet.telekom would be the correct APN to use for roaming with PDP type IPv4: | Telekom Hilfe

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The operator can use ipv6, otherwise the RUT241 would not be able to log in either. I’ve got all the PDP settings through, at the moment I’ve set IP4/IP6. I’m using APN-festip.telekom from Telekom to get a fixed IPv6. Because I can reach the device remotly. I’m just wondering why it works with the RUT 241 but not with the TRB500? What is different?
Thanks for the help.

If the above mentioned settings (APN Auto - off, Costum APN : festip.telekom, PDP. IPv4/IPv6) then it only makes a 3G connection as in the picture, but the data connection remains disconnected.


Could you share a screenshot of mob1s1a1 interface configuration on the RUT241 and TRB500?
Additionally, I can see that the device is running a custom firmware. Were there any changes made to the mobile connection establishment process?
Additionally, does the TRB500 also not establish connection when PDP type is set to IPv4-only or IPv6-only?
It’s hard to say what could be causing the issue, thus to troubleshoot the issue further a troubleshoot file would be handy. I have sent you a form to fill out to get in contact with us directly. When filling out the form, include the ticket ID 4345 and mention that the issue is related to TRB500 IPv4v6 PDP type.

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