IPV6 on Mobile 5G

Hello all together,

i have a Problem with my RUTX50. The static IPV6 Address i’m getting from the Telekom is not static!

I changed the Sim-Card in other devices (Phone, Tablet etc.) there it is no problem with the IPV6 Address.

But what exactly is the Problem:

After every reconnect the Prefix of the IPV6 is changed. The rest of the Adress stays the same, so the Router creates a new Device ID
I want to force the router to not change the device id.
Firmwares used:

I looked through all Post and Topics and tried every single one of them. But nothing works.

Maybe you have an idea?

Another posibility would be to take an DynDns but i have to use these Symbols for the update URL <> thats more then a problem then the IPV6 topic.

Thank you very much!

Hi, did you selected correct APN? To get static IP you should enter correct APN


yes i selected the APN Manually and it is festip.telekom
This is the same like on my Phone an Notebook. They keep the whole IPV6 permantly.

Maybe someone has an Idea for the IPv6 thing?

The simplest solution would be to input these symbols " < > " in the DynDNS URL but its not possible.
Also when i put in the link over the CLI it doesn’t work.

Maybe someone used the Ionos DynDNS over IPv6?

Greetings Julian

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