IPsec works over mobile, want to add WiFi uplink

I have IPsec working over mobile, all good. I use this for temporary serial access to remote networking equipment that needs upgrading. With the serial access, I can fix issues with the upgrade that would not be possible without it or would require a person on site. For a customer with no mobile coverage, I want to add WiFi as an uplink. In this case it really doesn’t matter which interface is being prioritized as the uplink, because I will have either mobile or WiFi available

If I just add configuration for the WiFi as client, will the IPsec try to connect to the defined IPsec peer whenever WiFi is within reach and the SSID etc. is correct? As mentioned, at the times I have WiFi, I will not have mobile access.

As a side-note, with the mobile access, I have a subscription that gets me a fixed public IP so IPsec is easier to establish. With the WiFi uplink, I would need to adjust the IPsec gateway on the other end to accept whatever IP the WiFi is NAT:ing the WiFi connection to, but that is not an issue for me.

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