IPSec vpn not stable passthrough

Hi I use multiple rut906 (fw RUT9M_R_00.07.07.1) devices with 2 wan connections.

  1. WAN with PPP authentication
  2. WAN failover mobile connection

Both connections are okay, the mobile connection is setup as failover and is in standby.

Behind the teltonika is an OneAcces router. This router has an ipsec connection to an WAN address.

It seems that the router behind the teltonika looses his ipsec connection and will not reconnect itself. I have to disable the lan interface to force the reconnection.

What could it be? Fyi the oneaccess router is not in our management.
Is there anyway to monitor the ipsec connection. (port 4500).


To determine if the issue originates from RUT906, try bypassing it and connecting the OneAccess router directly to the Fritzbox. Check if the same connectivity issues persist. Please try this first, and then share your findings with us.

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The original config, was oneaccess router behind the fritzbox. The rut has been placed in the middle. With fritzbox in bridge so the ppp will take place on the rut.

Fyi in the original setup there where no ipsec issues

The problem has not occurred since this topic was posted. Very strange, I have monitored the latency over the past period and it seems stable. I’ll close the topic for now.