IPsec VPN inbound routing


I have a RUT 240 connected via IPSec VPN to a Fortigate firewall. I have managed to get the VPN connected and I can get Traffic to flow from the RUT240 to the Fortigate and the devices on the Fortigate network. I can get traffic from the Fortigate Network to reach the RUT 240 Gateway IP, but I can’t get traffic past the RUT 240 to devices on the network.

Not having much experience with Teltonika in the past I’m not sure if there is a route or policy I need to setup on the RUT 240 to allow inbound traffic from the IPsec VPN to the internal network. Any guidance anyone may have would be greatly appreciated.

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When you’re using most VPNs, you can’t access local LAN addresses right away. You’ll have to set it up separately.

For Teltinika devices, you can do this by navigating to your IPsec configuration settings and entering the “Local subnet” and “Remote subnet” addresses.

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