IoT Device -> RUT956 Router -> AWS IoT Core

Hi, im interested in using RUT956 Router as a MQTT Broker to relay data from my IoT Device (Weighing Scale) to AWS IoT Core. However im currently in the setting up and testing phase and came into a problem.
Im using a python script to act as my IoT Device for now where it will constantly send data to RUT956 Router. The script is running fine and connection to the router is established properly with result code 0. The data is published to the topic rut956/test successfully as well.
However even after following this link : AWS MQTT cloud connection - Teltonika Networks Wiki, im still unable to see any data received by AWS IoT Core when using MQTT test client.
This are my configs for the bridge

Or would it be reccommended to just publish the data to directly to AWS IoT Core without the need to use the router to relay the data. Is it a redundant step?


Using the RUT956 as a relay can offer local buffering and processing capabilities, but it also adds complexity and can become an additional point of failure. Directly publishing from your Python script to AWS IoT Core simplifies your architecture and is typically easier for initial setups and testing.

Alternatively, you can use the RUT956 as an MQTT broker and send data to your AWS server using the “Data to Server” functionality. This method is straightforward, as it collects data at regular intervals and sends it to your server. More information is available here: RUT956 Data to Server.

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