Inquiry About TRB 140 Capabilities and Suitable Alternatives


I am reaching out to you with a few questions regarding the TRB 140.

I would like to know if this model can power a Raspberry Pi with 5V via its USB port. Additionally, I am interested in knowing if I can use a SIM card to obtain WAN via the GSM network, and if the TRB 140 is capable of distributing a DHCP LAN output through its Ethernet port.

If this model does not fulfill all these functionalities, could you please recommend another device from your range that meets these requirements?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards,

Lagache Paul-henri

Hello Paul-Henri,

I can try to assist.

If we are referring to the Raspberry Pi 4 or 3 Model B+ our Micro-usb will not supply enough Amps to power the device. In addition to that our PSU we ship with the device would not supply enough wattage either to power both devices at full power draw.

I am referencing raspberrypi’s website for the following power requirements.

Raspberry pi 4:

Raspberry pi 3 Model B+:


Our devices currently follow the USB 2.0 standard which can output a max 2.5W.

Referencing here:,power%20output%20of%202.5%20watts.

Our TRB140 is part of our Gateway series, and both our Gateway & Router series have devices that can satisfy your other requirements for a SIM WAN connection & LAN DHCP. But currently if you are attempting to power a raspberry pi 3 or 4 from one of our devices you would need a larger PSU that can support both devices.


Our RUTM50 for example comes with a larger 18W PSU that could power on the device. But I would caution to check your usecase for both RUT or TRB devices + Raspberry pi. As some functionality may require more power draw than is possible from our USB 2.0 ports. Additionally our USB ports do not have any surge protection on them, so there would be a chance if the Raspberry pi unit draws too much power it could damage the RUT/TRB board & the Pi itself.


In general the safer recommendation would be to power both devices independently with their own PSU. Powering a raspberry pi via the USB port would be done at your OWN RISK.

Before I could recommend any devices I would 1st suggest reviewing our certificates page, to confirm which of our device’s SIM could work in the region you require.

Our website is updated regularly, so the information should be up to date.

Additionally our networks page has a very helpful product comparison tool to help review & compare devices.

If you let me know what region you would like your SIM to operate in I would be more than happy to help recommend a device, and I can help with any other requirements you might have.

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