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We use more and more RUT956 modems on marine applications, and need to automate defaut configuration.
On recent hardware I have been unable to restore a defaut configuration (different hw/fw version of boxes) and manual configuration is too error prone.
We also require extra package installation and we considere writing our own native app in the near future.

What is the correct way to deploy our configuration+sw on batches ?
What are the options ?

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If you’re seeking more efficient and streamlined methods for configuring your device, here are a few options to consider:

  • RutOS API to configure devices programmatically, ensuring consistent configurations across various devices to avoid incompatibilities with backup files. Although it’s currently in beta, you can find more details about the RutOS API here.

  • The Remote Management System (RMS) offers a feature for configuring multiple devices simultaneously. It also allows you to create and apply configuration templates, eliminating the need to configure each new device individually from scratch.

  • Custom scripts using UCI commands. However, the configurations and thus commands may vary slightly depending on the device.

  • In case you are planning to obtain a large number of new devices, you might consider contacting your designated sales manager to inquire about purchasing devices with pre-installed custom configurations. This option, however, depends on various factors and I cannot provide much guidance here.

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