In the TRB245 MQTT message, the commas between the curly brackets containing the requests are missing


Recommendation under " TRB245 Modbus RTU-485 data cannot be sent to MQTT Broker! - #7 by AndzejJ " (Sep 12) We could not do your suggestions. Because the device was in a remote location. However, we were able to implement it. I have to open a new case due to timeout.

The change you suggested in “modbus_data_sender” to remove square brackets has been implemented. “option json_segment_count ‘all’” already existed. Added “option format_non_array ‘1’” line.

Square brackets removed. However, there are multiple requests in the topic. This time, the commas between the curly braces containing the requests have also disappeared. This is an undesirable situation. In this case, the broker does not take into account anything other than the first request.


In this case, there’s not much can be done. You could introduce a comma in the data to sender (something like {%a}, , but this would result in an additional comma at the very end as well.

I would suggest to either use the standard format with square brackets, or set segment count to 1. This way, the device will send each request separately, but there will be no square brackets.

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Hello AndrejJ,

I will consider your suggestions.

Approximately when will the v7.5 firmware version be released which you said it will provide the user with customization within Data Sender?

Thank you for your quick response.



While there will be more customization, I am not sure if it will allow for the format you are looking for. For TRB245, the firmware will be released very soon.

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