I want after connection to VPN NOT to be able to acces the internet

Dear all I have set up a L2TP VPN connection to a RUT240. Ι connect to it remotely from my pc and I am able to acces the devices (PLC, HMI etc) that are connected to it localy. What I want is if possible is not to be able to acces the internet with my pc ( browser, windows updates etc) after the establishment of the VPN connection because the Rut240 is connected to the Internet with a GSM Mobile Sim and after the establishement of the VPN connection all internet traffic of the PC goes through this card and uses the limited MB that I have form my Sim provider. So I want after the establishement of the VPN connection only to be able to reach the devices on the Lan side of the RUT240 and not be able to browse the inetrnet or download updates send emails etc

Thank you in advance for the help


Thanks for reaching us.

There is a way where you can block the LAN zones coming from the WAN by using firewall traffic rules, as you will set network access limitation

Links that may help:


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