I/O rules to local http server

On a teltonika router 955, i have a local http server listening on port 8008 and the call from cli or from browser works when i use or curl
the same url DOES NOT WORK when i configure an input rule. i’ve tested the rule with reboot action and the rule is ok.

should i do some additional configurations in order like the server to be called? etc/hosts for example? i do not have firewall rules

Thank you!


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For you to control inputs in browser, additional configuration is needed.

First, access the WebUI → Services → Input/Output → Post / Get

  • Enable Service
  • Configure username: demo
  • Input Password: Admin1234
  • Click Save and Apply

Then type this to your Web Browser

  • - LAN IP of RUT955
  • username = demo
  • password = Admin1234
  • pin = input/output interface (i.e. for relay, it is relay0)

To verify which pin to control, you can refer to this link.


Source LINK: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/RUT955_Input/Output#Status_from_command_line

Let me know if this helps.


thanks for your answer but i already can use http post get to change the pins or get the status

the issue is that the INPUT/OUTPUT RULE does not get triggered when i use a local web server. i will try with an external IP.


  1. is there a place where i can see more specific logs related to router actions?
  2. is there a way to enable I/O Juggler ? or it got removed ?
    i use firmware version


It is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest firmware version as user interface has been improved and existing bugs were fixed. Please refer HERE for FW upgrades.

Specific logs related can be seen through CLI using the following commands.
To see all logs of the device

logread -f
To see real time logs

To enable/disable I/O Juggler, go to Services → Input/Output → I/O Juggler


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