I/O juggler and sms sending. RUT955/RUT956

I need to get kind of functionality, in case if my digital input is inactive more than as example 100s i would like to send SMS. My digital input is continuously changing form active(~30s) to inactive(~50s). in case if inactive too long i shoudl receive sms and email so i can chech what is wrong with my system.
Is it possible?


Yes, you track the status and check information about alerting over SMS here:

RUT956 Input/Output - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

Can be found to config – Service → Input/Output → I/O Juggler:

Some examples of configuration:

  1. Here you need to create conditions for the response:

  2. This section provides actions which appear on the condition rule and adds of actual condition

  3. This section provides you to config what to do with input and what action and condition to apply

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but how to set time counter up to 1 or 2 minutes ? i can set only exact minute, but i need to send SMS
if DI == low and time since low is more that 2 minutes.

As duting those 2 minutes all can restored and recowered so no sense to send sms for fast reaction.


So in general:
1)You need to setup a timer where interval for sending SMS?
2)And if your DI == low, then send SMS exactly after 2 minutes of waiting?

If that’s correct
You can set a timer here:

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No, in you example SMS will be send in case if current hour minute is in interval between minute X and minute y of current clock.

I need to have timer which counts time on DI1 change. I mean if status of input changes, counters is reset and counts UP. the best would be with one second step. And need to send SMS only when Input is inactive for more when (as example ) 120 seconds.

Input Active 20s (no SMS) → Input inactive 45s (no sms) → Input active 5s (No SMS) → Input inactive 70s (no SMS) → Input active 20s (no SMS) → Input inactive 120s+ (SEND SMS) → Input Active 20s (no SMS) → Input inactive 45s (no sms)



Thanks for reply !
I will try to find out if there is any way to resolve that problem, when find something, let you know !

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You can try config Monitoring via Modbus, by reading the I/O status with the Modbus Server.
If the router detects, that the pin is HIGH, it can send SMS.
For example:

Redundancy protection is what helps here and it is not available in I/O Juggler. it should be tested on particular task locally.

Here is detailed information, how to configure:
Modbus TCP Slave Send SMS example - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

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Unfortunatly it doesent soves my issue.
Look, my DI is activated like this :
DI is active when Green color is active. and cyclically repeats.
Now when i set redundancy protection :

i receive SMS exactly after first end of green. And then there is 100s gap.
i need to get SMS when There is no input more that 100 s. basically i need to measure time singe input change. And in input is inactive and time mode than X send SMS. I guess it should be done using external script. are you able to support with external script ?


Seems that in that case, functionality requires a custom script solution, bash script, or even Python script, but with Python, it will be a little more complicated and require to download package.
Unfortunately, custom scripting is beyond the scope of the technical assistance that we provide, but we have a wiki example - User Scripts examples - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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Thank you, i created script with some timer. It looks to be working fine.

Any way i think it is good idea for futuer introduce some timer options for IO .

thanks for support.


Thank you very much for response.
Of course, that would be much bettter and much easier to manage from UI with I/O timer.
We will send this information to our R&D team.

Kind Regards

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