I am not able to login in RUT 200 please help me please reply me immegiately

i am set my laptop range 1 series also but when connect to the physically lan cable to the laptop after putting the ip it shows this this site cant reach on every bowser and i am try it so many times factory reset also please reply me immegiately


Please ensure that the laptop and RUT200 are connected properly. The LAN cable should be inserted into the LAN port, not the WAN port. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, check if your laptop is receiving an IP address from the router. To do this, open CMD on your laptop and type the command ‘ipconfig’. You should see information displayed, with the default gateway listed as

2024-03-14-12-42-49-Grammarly — Mozilla Firefox

If you don’t receive any information, you may need to recover the device via the bootloader as you already tried factory resetting the device. Here are quick instructions on how to do so: RUT200 Device Recovery Options.

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