How should i proceed with this installing wirepas gateway on the (rutx11) teltonika router ?


The implementation is based on DBus. The C binding used to access DBus is sdbus from systemd library so even if systemd is not required to be running, the libsystemd must be available.

Systemd version must be higher or equal to 221. You can check it with:

systemd --version

In order to build the sink service or the transport python wheel that contains C extensions, systemd headers are needed

sudo apt install libsystemd-dev

showing error ----
root@RUTX11:~# opkg install libsystemd-dev
Unknown package ‘libsystemd-dev’.
Package installation encountered an error, removing previously installed packages.


Even if you may be able to build a DBus + wirepass version using the SDK there is no chance this will work DBus will not receive events from the other subsystems.
The solution is to derive an ubus-based and musl-based implementation from the existing code, and create the correspondig OpenWrt package. Probaly not a small feat.


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