HTTP and HTTPS attack prevention settings


I’m trying to optimise the security and performance of my RUTX10 and wonder what reasonable settings could be for home use regarding Limit and Limit burst for the Http/https attack prevention settings?


By default, our routers are not accessible to unauthorized traffic from the WAN. So, if you haven’t configured your router to allow traffic from the WAN and you have a static IP address, you should be safe as a home user.

If you have a more complex configuration, please let us know, and we’ll be able to provide advice accordingly.

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Thanks. No as far as I know I haven’t configured the router to allow any specific traffic from WAN (it is connected to internet/wan though by static IP.) So you’re saying, in this case the HTTP/HTTPS attack prevention isn’t necessary?

I have other security settings enabled as well (Syn flood, Port Scan) is there any downside to this?
Also read that Software flow offloading for NAT could improve performance, are there any known security risks with that setting enabled?


There are no drawbacks to enabling these features. The processing power required for this would be minimal or even negligible.

Just keep in mind that if you have software flow offloading enabled, features like SQM/QoS will not work.

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