How to tune RUTM50, Antenna suggestions

Hey there,

i am noob trying to set up a cell network for my RV. I’ve read/watched enough to be really dangerous.

My struggle is no matter where i am, my numbers are poor at best. I am using the included 4 antennas. I’ve tried to find an app to help locate towers and read signal strengths and indeed and the signals aren’t great with a lot of noise.

I am looking for an external MIMO antenna. Is the Poynting MIMO-3-17 7-in-1 a good pairing with the RUTM50? I think i need an antenna to help filter out some of the noise and focus on the best available bands.

Is there a good all around app that can read bands that will allow me to tune the mobile network settings?

If i am approaching this the wrong please point me in the right direction.


I can relate to your struggles with setting up a cell network for your RV. It can be quite a challenge, especially with poor signal and noise.

The Poynting MIMO-3-17 7-in-1 antenna is generally well-regarded and should be a good pairing with the RUTM50. It’s designed to enhance signal quality and reduce noise, which seems to be exactly what you need.

For finding towers and reading signal strengths, I recommend the “Network Cell Info Lite” app. It provides detailed information about cell towers, signal strength, and can help you locate the best signal. Additionally, “LTE Discovery” is another app that can help you identify which bands are in use and aid in tuning your mobile network settings.

If your issue persists, you might want to consider checking your antenna placement and ensuring it’s positioned optimally for signal reception. Sometimes even a small adjustment can make a significant difference.

totally appreciate the response!

Reading the propaganda about poynting 3-17 that’s what i got - enhance quality and reduce noise. I had an opportunity to try it , but that’s not i saw. I actually didn’t see any improvement in signal quality or noise reduction over the antennas that cam with the RUTM50.

This made me believe I need to start focusing on tuning the RUTM50 and specifying bands, etc. But i still feel the poynting and rutm50 should be out of the box better than i am seeing. Is there another antenna you would recommend?

I did find “Network Cell Info Lite” app. it seems to give me the info i would need to tune the bands. Any chance you can give me other points i should be tuning?

I was playing with the stock antennas and my signal got better when i removed antennas 2 and 4. This is counter intuitive to my understanding of 4 antennas means 4 aggregated connections. In the end i would think 2 better connections are better than 4 poor. but it makes me wonder about a mimo 4 antenna like the poynting. Wouldn’t those antennas have the same outcome as the four stock antennas?

Sorry for all the questions, I’m trying to sperate propaganda and real life.


the Poynting MIMO-3-17 7-in-1 antenna seems like a good candidate to pair with the RUTM50 router, as it offers compatibility, wide frequency coverage, and potential noise-filtering capabilities.

Thank you, yes that antenna does look like a good choice. it actually looks like the only 7 in 1.

The challenge has been it is so new there aren’t a lot of experienced reviews about it yet, except for the propaganda. I bought one but one of the wifi cables was bad. so i sent it back. I was able test the mimo antennas and found the antenna didn’t do any better than the stock antennas. And when i removed stock antennas 2 and 4 the stock antennas did better.

What is the scenario i should look for where the poytning antenna is better than the stock antennas?

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