How to set up WireGuard programatically (by script via CLI), i.e. import wg_config.conf file from AVM Fritzbox?

Dear Teltonika Team,

Is there a way to programmatically (by a script via CLI) set/change settings on your routers, e.g. a RUTX11? Thus we could import WireGuard configs to the RUT’s WG settings (i.e. wg_config.conf file from e.g. AVM Fritzbox), like “terraform” is used as a post-installation method to set up things on a new server. Could RMS help too in this regard?

Till now, all WG settings need to be done manually, which pushes many users to their limits of understanding (myself included). I agree that a RUTX is a quite complex router that offers lots of possibilities and can cover many use cases, but some further guidance for (semi-)automation (as opposed to setting up everything manually) would be great.

There are lots of users who use your routers in recreation cars (mobile homes), boats, etc., and they are interested in setting up a site-to-site connection with their home. Usually, campers and the like (myself included) are not the most tech savvy people. :wink: So any further help in this regard is very much appreciated - and might attract more customers from this field, too.

Since I had to set up my RUTX11 from scratch, I now struggle in remembering and understanding how I had set it up in the past and cannot find the right posts anymore that explained it in a way that I was just able to follow. Hence my question if this could maybe be addressed programmatically, e.g. by a script via CLI etc.

Thanks for your help and peaceful Easter for everybody! :dove:

Kind regards

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I struggle also with this Wireguard-UI and failed to set up. It would be really helpful if Teltonika could provide a script like wg-quick* (in Linux or OpenWRT) to read and use a standard wireguard configuration like in most distributions.

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This script might be of interest, too:

Can we use something like this via Teltonika router’s CLI?

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