How to Routing WIFI client to LAN

i have rut200 Client mode connect with AP and get ip
i have plc ( gateway connect with rut200 ( via lan port
My computer connect AP and get ip, i can connect to rut200 but cannot connect to plc
i try to use static route

Hi, thank you for contacting Teltonika Networks.

You can verify at router’s Webgui that PLC device is connected to router within:

Menu->Status->Routes ARP section.

To connect to third wifi AP with Teltonika router, please check the example at Teltonika’s Wiki page: ""

Trace your connection from PC to PLC to confirm the path:

If the router have been registered to Teltonika’s RMS, you can connect to third devices connected to router with RMS CONNECT, using Teltonika RMS platform.

Hope this help you.

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