How to many VPN can be created from RUT950

How to many VPN can be created From RUT50.


Could you please clarify what VPN are you interested in?

OpenVPN can have many clients, but only one OpenVPN Server can be configured.

When it comes to IPSec for example, there is no specific limit to the number of IPSec instances.

The hardware can be a limiting factor when it comes to handling multiple VPN connections. The CPU and memory of the device need to process and encrypt/decrypt the traffic, which can consume system resources. Additionally, the type and amount of traffic can also influence the device’s performance. If there is a substantial amount of data being sent and received, it may strain the device’s resources and affect its ability to handle multiple connections.

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Regarding for how to many RMS VPN can be created from RUT950.


While technically having more that one RMS VPN Hub client instance on the device is possible, adding more than one will cause routing issues as all those instances will route network via hub. Thus, there will be a route conflict.

Could you provide more information about your use case and why would you need multiple VPNs hub connections on a single device?

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I am proposing Teltonika device over TOSHIBOX 100 as added advantage 10 VPN supported.


The maximum number of OpenVPN client instances is 20. The maximum number of Server instances is 1.

No specific limit is set for IPSec instances.

However, as mentioned previously, please keep in mind the hardware and bandwidth limitations. Those factors will slow down devices. As the number of instances increases, the performace will degrade.

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