How to install Python on TRB245


I have a simple question: How to install Python on the TRB245? I looked the wiki all over, but I found no solution to this.



Hi @gkovacs9999,

To install Python, or any other package, you can follow these simple steps:

  • Access your device via CLI/SSH
  • Execute command: opkg update
  • Execute command :opkg install python3

This should install python package to your router. You can install any other supported package using same syntax. To check what packages you can install:

  • Execute command: opkg update
  • Execute command: opkg list

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Thank you for your answer.

One more question, is the same process for the TRB145 as well?

Yes, it is.

Hi Marijus,

Is this posible with the TRB255?

Strangely there doesnt seem to be a python package available for the device?

Thanks in advance



If regular method does not work, you can try these lines:

opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf update
opkg -e /etc/opkg/openwrt/distfeeds.conf install python3

These lines should definetely work.

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