How to increase DHCP IP address range to 500+


I need to increase the IP addresses to 400-500 on RUTX12 and RUTX08 instead of 255 for public WiFi.

Please advise on how best to configure the devices to accommodate increased IP addresses.

Thank you

Hi skyfield,

set your LAN interface to e.g.:
Subnet Mask

and your DHCP server to:
Start IP:
End IP:
Std.-GW to
DNS to

Tis is one of many ways to achieve what you want.
A subnet calculator like this one might also help.

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The custom option under netmask is greyed out. I am not able to change the Subnet Mask to

Thank you


To customize your mask, simply click on “–Custom–” and begin typing the required mask.


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Thanks @Marijus, I thought @SKYFIELD would find that out on her/his own.
Was wrong :frowning:

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