How to get data from eye sensor to Azure iothub through RUTX11?

Hello guys. I need your help.

We have a RUTX11 router and an eye sensor / BTSMP1.
We already have the router setup to send sensor data to a server to a Google Clout IoT Platform.
We now want it to also send data to an Azure IoT Hub we have setup.

We have followed the instructions here: RUTX Azure IoT Hub cloud connection - Teltonika Networks Wiki

We successfully receive the GSM data, but when we in setp 7 switch to sending MQTT messages we get no messages.

  1. Is the setup described in the link above correct for an actual environment where we have a sensor. Since the text says: “First you will need MQTT broker to subscribe to, for testing purposes we will set MQTT Broker in same router, and will use PC from LAN to sent MQTT messages”.
    If not, how should we configure our Broker?

  2. Could the issue be that the server to data setup sending to Google Cloud IoT Platform is interfering with the Azure IoT Hub setup? If so how can we send in parallel to both?

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Hello Shadi,

May I know first which firmware version does your device is running on?

In the Wiki article, the router itself is configured as MQTT broker to facilitate exchange of data between MQTT clients.
In your case however, eye sensor data can be sent through Data to Server functionality. Navigate to ServiceData to Server.
Create a data input choosing ‘Bluetooth’ as the type.

Then in the server configuration, you can select the ‘Azure IoT Hub’ option then configure the connection string (if SAS key is chosen).

If you have your own MQTT broker, you could change the server type settings as ‘MQTT’ then configure it accordingly based on your desired settings.

For this one, are you using the Data to Server functionality for it? If yes you can have multiple instance on data to server to send data to a different endpoint, thus, it should not caused any interruption as long as there’s no conflict in the configuration in general.

Best regards,


Thank you for your answer. We will try out the solution you came up with.

RUTX11 is running on firmware version RUTX_R_00.07.04.2

The firmware for the eye sensor is 1.2.10 .

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