How to create an MQTT bridge with AWS core IOT

Can someone post a guide on how to create an MQTT bridge with AWS core IOT? I’m using a TRB141 and am looking to send commands such as “device/get” {id} to my AWS mqtt broker, and have my modem respond via the mqtt bridge.

Take a look at this guide, It may help bro.

thanks, but this link only explains how to connect a teltonika mqtt client to an AWS broker. I’m looking to create an MQTT bridge so that I can use the monitoring feature as described here: Monitoring via MQTT - Teltonika Networks Wiki

Oh okay, my bad
Supporting material:

Create an account in Flespi

Choose flespi as „MQTT Broker“, and use your router as MQTT Publisher (Services → MQTT → Publisher).

Click on “MQTT Board”

Click Cog Wheel, write your hostname, username and password.

Configure the router settings via WebUI (Services → MQTT → Publisher).

Go back to FLEPSI.IO, press on plus sign “+” and add Subscriber. Type „device/id“ in Topic at subscriber side and hit play button.

Press on plus sign “+” once again and add Publisher. In Topic field type „device/get“ and in Message field type „id“ and hit Publish button.

You should see a response from router on the Subscriber side. Add screenshots of flespi Publisher and Subscriber windows.

here i was using a rut series hence using router/get , for trb it is device

Get these parameters with MQTT monitoring, by subscribing to different topics:

make sure to get device id and search with id
like for egs: device/1122*********/# will give all

So you’re saying I don’t need to configure the teltonika broker part at all? I just need to configure the publisher part and it will automatically listen and reply to my /get messages?

the answer to my own question is: yes, the publisher automatically subscribes to the topics it needs to listen to. I have discovered that this feature works fine for brokers running without TLS, but for AWS Core Iot which uses TLS with certificate and keys - it will not respond. This is how I’ve set it up:

Also, in the cloud watch logs in AWS I see that the teltonika device isn’t able to subscribe to a topic:

    "timestamp": "2023-09-21 16:57:30.028",
    "logLevel": "ERROR",
    "traceId": "e32d76c9-2388-feb5-f15e-4a2ceffa33f7",
    "accountId": "044495158669",
    "status": "Failure",
    "eventType": "Subscribe",
    "protocol": "MQTT",
    "topicName": "device/get",
    "clientId": "$GEN/8c79234c-45c0-4d49-af39-aa951747d38d",
    "principalId": "4a9236834f754519c110e093e078aec4832b04445aa85b4513c0d30e791f7aaa",
    "sourceIp": "",
    "sourcePort": 45424

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