How to create an APN definition?

I am using an RUT200 with a UK Issued SIM. On arrival, the SIM registered flawlessly and I was able to consume over 2GB of data.
I am now on holiday in France and despite multiple assurances that roaming would work, I am not able to connect to the internet. My mobile service provider has told me to create a New APN definition and populate it with the provided information.
I can only find (System | Setup | Mobile) the ability to select from (3) provided samples. None of which work. I am fairly sure that the SIM is working and the APN parameters are correct because, if I put the SIM in in phone and create an AP with the provided APN|Username|Password, it works.

So, the question is: "How do I create a new APN definition in the RUT200 GUI?

Regards, Martin

Have you got ‘Deny data roaming’ in the SIM Card Settings, set to ‘off’

If this is already off, then have a peer at the 2 screens below.

To manually set up the APN, edit the mob1s1a1 interface.

Then turn off ‘Auto APN’ and enter your settings

Your manual for the User Interface, can be found at …

Thanks Mike,
Once I was in the right area (with your help), I could see that the modem was not “Enabled”.
Clicked the slider to Enable, and I was away. No editing required!
Thanks for your help, M.

You’re most welcome