How to connect system to system via wireguard vpn?

I’m using a RUTX50 as a server router and a RUT200 as a client router. The RUTX50 router has a static IP address provided by the ISP. I have configured a Wireguard VPN connection on both routers. When I ping the static IP addresses, the routers can ping each other even though they are on different networks. The RUTX50 is connected to a broadband connection, while the RUT200 has a SIM card. Both routers have individual PCs connected to them. I’m trying to connect from a PC connected to the RUT200 to a PC connected to the RUTX50 using the PC’s IP address, but it’s not working. What configuration should I use to connect both PCs?


First you need to make sure that WG tunnel is actually working. In order to do that routers should be able
to ping each other using tunnel addresses and not public ips.

Second - while in theory (with the help of arp-proxy) you can use WG as L2 TAP/tunnel it’s better to use it as TUN interface (meaning it should route packets from your PC into tunnel and second RUT from tunnel to another PC)

So your scheme should be something like this

PC1 < Subnet > RUTX50 < inside wg tunnel > RUT200 < Subnet > PC2

In WG configuration on RUTX50 you should Allow (and route allowed) subnet from RUT200 and on RUT200 you should Allow and route from RUTX50

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