How to configure SMS Forwarding to HTTP (use API)

I am wondering if there are any better guides or documentation about how to configure the SMS Forwarding To HTTP Configuration feature? I was hoping to use this HTTP method to forward SMS messages via API using services like Mailtrap, Mailgun etc. It seems more reliable than SMTP forwarding. But, I can’t figure out if it’s even possible—these services require API keys, bearer tokens to be passed as parameters.

Has anyone done this?


The SMS Forwarding to HTTP feature does not require a lot of configuration. The most important fields are the URL, value names and extra parameters. Extra parameter fields can be used to pass the authentication information if needed. I’ll be using Postman mock server for testing, as it’s easy to configure, and quite useful for troubleshooting.
I’ve set up the SMS Forwarding to HTTP instance as follows:

And once the message to the router is sent, I get the following HTTP POST request on the mock server:

As you can see, the Extra data pair was added to the request, along with the sender number and the message contents.
You can also enable the Encode message text to Base64 option to send the information in Base64 format to preserve special characters.

Hope this helps!

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