How to configure RUT 240/241 for a simple Failover?

Hi all,
I’m not en expert… Please provide me with instructions on how to connect and configure RUT240 and RUT241 for a simple Failover. Should it be connected between Modem and the Router? I don’t need WIFI capabilities of the RUT240/241. All I want it that it switches to Cellular when Cable internet goes down and goes Off when Cable internet restores.



Thanks for reaching us.

So basically your concern is that when the WAN connections fail, the system will switch immediately to the Cellular SIM card 1.

Kindly make sure that the firmware is upgraded to the latest one “7.05.4”, you can find the firmware file on link below

Then once you upgrade to the latest firmware,
You have to log in to the router WebUI > Networks > Failover > Multiwan

You must set the priority for the failover interfaces and enable them as shown in the screenshot below

Then you can try to test it out.

More on link below:


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