How to automatically switch wifi country setting?


I have a question regarding the local regulatory wifi regulations and that users should switch the wifi country setting to the country where wifi is used.

Usually, my RUTX11 is used in Germany. However, when I travel abroad, I would like to avoid forgetting to switch it to the appropriate country. Is there a way to automatically switch the wifi country setting (programmatically, maybe via script?) depending on some trigger, e.g. if a SIM card in use connects to a provider in another country? Or can geo positions be used, or some other trigger?

This might be especially helpful for RUTX users who frequently travel across country borders.

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Short-range radios (including WiFi) have standardized limits within the European Union (directive), thus the wireless-regdb database have the same entries for all EU countries. So unless you are travelling outside of the EU frequently, it might simply be easier to leave the WiFi country set to Germany, as it should also be applicable for all EU countries.
Since the router does not have an offline map available, GPS coordinates will most likely not be the best way to determine the country. If you are constantly using a SIM in your device, you could use the MCC value (e.g. first 3 numbers of gsmctl -f output) to determine the country code, and have a script with the information of what country code a specific MCC belongs to.
Let me know if any additional information is needed.

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Hello Daumantas,

This was a very helpful answer, and I will keep the setting to my home (EU) country. When travelling to the UK, I might pay special attention and set it to UK. Who know’s what they have in place over there? :wink:

I will also look into your hint about the MCC and might learn a bit more about scripting. Speaking about gsmctl -f output:

According to the Wiki…

… there are:

Possible responses:

a 6 digit sequence of decimal numbers
N/A - returned when the SIM card is not connected to any operator

However, I only get 5 digits, i.e. 262xx (xx = operator’s code). Is this expected or is there maybe a small typo in the Wiki?

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Glad to hear that it helped!
UK shares almost the same regulations with the exception of 5725 - 5875MHz spectrum, which has a limited power output in the EU (25mW), but can radiate 200mW in the UK. So at least at the moment, there should not be much difference.

6 digits is the maximum, as the first 3 (MCC) always represent a country code, and the last 2 or 3 represent the operator code (MNC). If the MNC code is less than 100, the first 0 is omitted.

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