How can you connect an RUTX50 to an existing WiFi

I have a new RUTX50 and need to connect it to an existing WiFi so that I can log into the internet from a campervan without using a mobile network and depleting my data plan. I have altered the IP address on the RUTX50 to to avoid duplication as instructed in the RUTX11 YouTube video. The existing WiFi has a speed of 367Mb/s but when I connect to it via my RUTX50 Wi-Fi I only achieve less than 1Mb/s.

The RUTX11 video is confusing as it is not identical to the RUTX50 options. I am not a Network Engineer and I was hoping there may be an easier way to set-up what I would have thought should be a simple requirement. I am possibly not too far from achieving what I need, but the menus and options do not seem to match the RUTX11 guidance and I have been struggling for hours. Is there a more recent video for the RUTX50 or some help available for WiFi set-up please?

To connect an RUTX50 to an existing WiFi network, access the router’s web interface, navigate to the Network > WiFi menu, and select “Client” mode. Enter the existing WiFi network’s SSID and password, then save settings.

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It seems that you’ve successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network for internet access (WAN), but you’re experiencing very slow speeds when connected wirelessly to the RUTX50. This is the main issue at hand. Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood.

To improve the Wi-Fi speed of your RUTX50, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the antennas are securely screwed on.
  2. Access the WebUI and navigate to Status → Wireless → Channel Analysis. Check if your RUTX50 wireless signal is in an area with many other wireless networks. If so, choose a less congested band.
  3. In the Network → Wireless → Radio settings, change the channel to one that is less crowded.

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To connect an RUTX50 to an existing WiFi, you’ll want to access the device’s settings through its web interface. Navigate to the WiFi section and choose “Client” mode. Then, input the existing WiFi’s SSID and password. Once saved, the RUTX50 should establish a connection to the existing WiFi network. This setup allows the RUTX50 to utilize the existing WiFi for internet access. If you encounter any issues, double-check your SSID and password inputs and ensure that the existing WiFi network is operational. Happy networking!

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Many thanks.

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