How can Trust Level level up?

My current trust level:

The “new user” prevents me to upload attachments (like troubleshooting logs) which, in turn, prevents me to get support I need for the faulty device I just purchased!

I tried searching the WIKI/FAQ, but didn’t find this info, hence this topic and the question: which rules are in place that control the Trust Level and what do I need to do to become a “normal user” (that could attach files to topics)?

Thanks in advance for the support!

I don’t have an answer, but rather a question that may possibly help.

Have you had an activation email, and if so have you clicked / tapped on the activation link within the email?

I had the activation email and the email was activated.

It is common place for new users to be prohibited from uploading images and other data for a short period of time after initial registration on many forums etc etc. I don’t know what Teltonika’s policy is on this one. I know it can be frustrating when you just want help and advice etc to get a problem resolved.

It may be that you simply have to wait a period of time, or you may have to post a small number of questions. You’ll be able to upload soon, i’m sure, just be patient for a while. Try tomorrow or after the weekend.

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It’s post count I think - prohibited me until I got some 5 posts? Maybe they changed it something more sensible now, like time… wait a bit, as akwe suggested.

Got this link from clicking a link on my used profile.

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