Hotspot walled garden wildcards

I’m testing a RUT241 with the Hotspot package and RUT2M_R_00.07.07.1 firmware. Is it possible to use wildcards on the addresses in the walled garden to cover multiple subdomains? For example:


to match

With the older firmware this was accepted by using but that does not seem to work with the current generation of firmware.


A walled garden should not be used as an ACL. It is only meant for accessing a very limited number of services. Because of this, wildcards are not necessary and are not included in newer firmware versions. Using wildcards can significantly weaken your security, as you might unintentionally provide access to too many addresses.

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I think only adding to walled garden would also allow all of its subdomains like and Though I might be wrong, you can test it yourself.

The ability to use wildcards was a nice (needed) feature to have for our use case. There is a page that I want people to be able to access prior to logging into the hotspot that has an embedded audio stream in it. Streaming providers often use a large variety of hosts as part of load balancing. It’s not possible to input each host that the stream could play from, but if I can use a wildcard I can input one domain and it will capture all of the possible FQDNs

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Thank you for this input into this existing lacking feature, we’ll look into security and other measures and depending on this will try to add it. Additionally, could you tell with what software it was still available to add an entry as a wildcard site?

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Sorry, I don’t remember which version still had it. My software updates aren’t frequent enough to catch a change as it happens.