Hotspot User Bandwidth lower than 1 Mb/s (Down/Up) in FW V7+

Hi @Marijus,

is there a possibility to set the user bandwidth limit below 1 Mb/s in FW V7 like it was possible in V6?

We have a mobile (metered) internet connection via SIM card(s) and up to 50 Users to share it, especially the upload should be limited to 0.5 Mb/s or 500 Kb/s.



Yes, it was unchanged. Speed settings are still left in kbit/s.

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Hi Marijus,

i’m referring to the Services → Hotspot → User Groups settings.
you can see here, that the GUI only allows megabits and no commas.

this was different in V6.

Can it maybe be changed via the console?


I apologize for the miscommunication. I didn’t realize you were referring to hotspot configuration. The firmware version 06.x.x. is now considered outdated, and we’ve upgraded to RUTOS (07.x.x). Therefore, the changes you’ve noticed are intentional. I believe this change was made because internet speeds have increased, and measuring download/upload speeds in KB/s has become inefficient and somewhat obsolete.

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Hi Marijus,

I guess so too.

Bus as I explained, we have to share one SIM with up to 50 devices and depending on the mobile signal, this can be kbps per device. I’d rather limit all devices equally than risking one device get all bandwidth.

But I guess 1 mbps needs to suffice.

thanks anyways!