Hotspot Landing Page Config is not included in Backup (RUTX12)

when changing the settings of the Hotspot Landing Page, since Firmware Version 7 the changes are not included anymore in the backup and have to be manually changed every time the backups are uploaded. This includes changes in text and logos which are all reset to default when the backup is uploaded … heck even when I want to change a text, all logos get lost again!

Also when a different theme was used on the router where the backup was created and this theme is not present on another router where the backup is uploaded, the Landing Page doesn’t work at all!

please help! @Marijus @AndzejJ


To clarify, the behaviour you’re experiencing is intentional. Unfortunately, we do not support uploading a Hotspot landing page with a backup. Custom landing pages are not considered part of the device configuration, but they include modifications to web files and possibly large logos, which are not configurations in the traditional sense but rather design alterations. HotSpot themes often contain extensive JavaScript files, libraries, etc. Hence, this is primarily due to space constraints.

To address this issue, version 7.5 of the firmware introduces a new functionality that allows users to upload and download themes. I recommend utilizing this new functionality to upload your custom Hotspot landing pages.

You should also be able to upload it using RutOS API if needed. You can find more information about it here.

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Hello @AndzejJ,
thanks for your quick response!

Is it also intentional, that the previously uploaded logo is lost when I only want to change the text of the landing page? I hope not!

Also, is there some kind of Translation mechanism planned? The HTML code looks like some mechanism is involved, otherwise why would the text be encapsulated the following way:
<%:Welcome to Rutos!%>

Also I do understand that large images should not be part of a backup configuration to keep file sizes small (for the RMS portal), however, at least the html text could be part of the backup.

I do remember that that hotspot configuration was possible to backup in the previous Firmware version (before V7).

Finally: only SVG Files are allowed (or working … at least for the logo), so the file size is not that much of a problem.

I will have a look at V7.5 but I would very much appreciate if I don’t have to implement an API in order to configure the routers additionally to the RMS file handling.

Final question: does the themes API Endpoint also work with V7.3 ?

thanks in advance!

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