Hotspot CNA not triggered with Samsung smartphone


We have a very strange behavior on a RUT955 configured with a Hotspot service with an external captive portal (same behavior with internal portal).

Firmware : RUT9XX_R_00.06.09.2
Kernel : 3.18.44
Bootloader 3.0.1

The usual behavior is that the CNA is triggered on the iOS/Android smartphone so that the portal can appear.

It works fine on iOS, iPadOs, MacOS, Windows devices
So we know the hotspot config is fine on the Telto

It works with some Android devices BUT it does not work on any Samsung device regardless of the Android version: I have tested Android 13, 14, 8 and regardless of the Internet connection - I have tested with severak LTE operators, the Samsung Android behavior is the same : the CNA is not triggered, so it does not show the portal.
The device remains stuck, no notifications on the smartphone, no CNA triggered. The ressources in wall garden are working (which is normal and means the networking part is fine)

The CNA should be triggered on the Samsung smartphones, but it does not, so the user cannot reach the captive portal.

We have other Teltonika that are working fine with Samsung devices, so is there a reason that would explain this faulty behavior with the combination "Telto RUT955 + Samsung Android smartphone"s ?

Any idea will be appreciated

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