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Hi, I need to create hotspots, the plataform it’s not complicated itself to do it but I haven’t got to find this option and I need help of how can I do it.

I need the hotspot to be with automatic login, means once it’s registered the MAC or the device don’t ask for the credentials ever again. I don’t know if there’s any direct option to do this on the routers through the hotspot options, or if I need other routers/tools, I currently have a mikrotik device which could work as RADIUS, but I need to corroborate this 1st in case not, how can I make it compatible with the mikrotik.

Open for suggestions and of course a reply, thanks in advance!

Having done lot of commercial wifi-hotspot systems, first on MT, but then only on various “official” openwrt devices, I am sorry to say, that Teltonika devices are not the best choice for this purpose. Same valid for MT, because both providers are not really “open source”, thus inhibiting better than average functionality. Typically, for a commercial hotspot system, coova-chilli is used as captive portal on the WiFi router/AP, in coop with RADIUS. However, you can use a RUT955, running “official” openwrt, for such a setup. RADIUS is used to verify the users MAC, and grant connection time, traffic-limits etc.


By default, there is an authentication option for MAC authentication. In the hotspot settings, select “Authentication mode” and choose “MAC auth.”

2024-03-14-12-17-19-RUTX12 - Teltonika Networks — Mozilla Firefox

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Can I still limit the traffic consumption/bandwith? Haven’t test it yet.



Yes, you should be able to do it.



Hi, I’ve just tried it. It still asks me about a login or password if activated, what I’m searching it’s to not have to go through it with a button or even password, plain automatic, like how normal wifi behaves. Am I missing a step?

Thanks in advance.

It is standard behaviour, also in my hotspot systems, that you first must do ONE standard login (usr/pwd), upon which the MAC of the clients device is kept for further, automatic logins. If properly coded in RADIUS, of course. In simple systems (i.e. MT), this is done using a cookie, instead. OR, you have a pre-defined list of auto authed MACs; which is the most trivial method. Dunno, which method Teltonika has implemented.

Hi, re asking this, is there anyway to make automatic without any click or “buttons to press”, thanks in advance.

Do you use a mikrotik? I need to implement that, could you orient me? Is it to complicated to link both? Create the radius and link the Teltonika?

This is a typical functionality of a commercial wifi hotspot. Thus, consultation is not for free.
As I wrote, on certain mikrotiks you can run official openwrt, incl. captive portal. Radius to be run on separate server, usually.

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