Happy to PAY! to configure "simple" RUTX50 requirement

4 Days is enough… I have tried every guide, everything I can find relevant with google, everything I find is for a different Teltonika device / does not work for me.
I have been successful with a very similar config using VM’s running PFSense, Sophos XG Firewall, but wanted a device like this to replace an ageing power consuming hp server.
I cannot understand why I cannot make this work as previously mentioned I have got my head around PFSense & Sophos but anything I do on this RUTX50 just fails. I have factory reset 50+ times over 4 days and cannot get everything to work. I got close with the LANS working but both LANS insisted on using the SIM Modem no matter what I did.

I am happy to pay for someone’s time/donate to charity to either write a guide for the RUTX50 or login remotely to resolve the issue for me.

Many thanks


Try making the vlans. Configure firewall inter vlan zones.
Configure interfaces of the vlan with dhcp servers.
And for the last part you need to look into policy based routing to define x subnet goes over x wan.

If you cant figure this out let me know and ill guide you some more on the parts where you are stuck.


Thank you so much for your reply!

I can make the VLANS with dhcp servers but no matter what I have tried, the both access SIM1 for internet?

Yes that is the default route i geuss.

Look into policy Based routing on the wiki page.
Also try asking a chat gpt.

If you are stuck let me know how i can reach you this forum has no direct message.

Thank you, I had setup policy based routing but that then broke the vlan, I have had 4 days of factory resets reading different guides for different Teltonika routers, I know what the concept is and what is required, unfortunately when I try to put it all together from all these different guides it then breaks something else.

I tried to find a discord for a more interactive support but could not find anything unfortunately

I will replicate it tommorow and contact you after i finished

That really is very kind of you, thank you!

CN you give me discord is or a email ?

Got it delete it

I think you need to separate WAN and mobile connections to different routing tables, because default route choose lowest metric one.

Then add VLAN for port separation:

Create new LAN network with ports assigned:

Add new routing rule to use new routing table:

And port 3 should go out through SIM1 :slight_smile:

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