GSM time synchronization

Hi, I have a problem with NTP. I need advice on the settings so that teltonics synchronize using GSM - a mobile operator -

I already tried changing the parameters of the NTP client in different ways, but the time always started to lag after synchronization.

my Teltonika does not have access to the Internet. The time will be synchronized only through the mobile operator.

Teltonik will be more. some will also be deployed in the EU and will not have access to the Internet. they will be controlled by SMS.

current settings

Thank you for your help

when I change the setting to:
i turn on NTPclient and enter the wrong IP of the server, then my time syncs correctly.


It seems that you had some NTP server configured ( If you do not have access to reliable NTP Servers and want to rely on the operator time synchronization, I would suggest removing NTP servers. This way, the device should synchronize time from your operator. Other than that, your last configuration looks fine.

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