Gpsctl output format


I have a RUTX50. I am writing a python script to pass GPS data to a third application. I am collecting the data using the RUTOS gpsctl command.

Apart from the --help switch there appear to be no other reference which gives the format of the data returned. The help only gives the format of the datetime (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS).

Does anyone know what format the other gpsctl switches return?


Currently, it’s a bit unclear what specific information you’re seeking since you already have the output format of gpsctl -e. Could you please provide more details about your ultimate goal and the specific information you’re looking for?

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It is probably easier to show how I would expect the help file to read:

Usage: gpsctl [options]
-h, --help show usage information
-d, --debug debug mode
-i, --latitude get latitude
**Decimal degrees? **
-x, --longitude get longitude
Decimal degrees?
-t, --timestamp get timestamp
Non leap seconds from unix epoch?
-a, --altitude get altitude
Metres? above MSL or Elipsoid?
-v, --speed get speed
Metres/ second - knots - kmh - mph?
-p, --satellites get satellite count
-g, --angle get angle
Is this direction - if so units (degrees / Mils) or climb/descent?
-s, --status get fix status
I assume 1 connected 0 not connected?
-u, --accuracy get accuracy
-e, --datetime get datetime (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)

I hope that makes my question clearer.


Just giving this a prompt so that it does not time out.


Here is a bit better explanation for each value:

-i : Latitude from NMEA
-x : Longitude from NMEA
-t : Timestamp from NMEA (epoch time)
-a : Altitude from NMEA (MSL)
-v : The speed value in an NMEA sentence is typically given in knots
-p : Number of visible satellites
-g: Turn angle from past position
-s : Flag to state if the fix is found
-u : Accuracy which states how accurate the position is (lower value → better accuracy)

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Thanks, That is just what I needed.